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Placing Orders

Retail Order Info Thank you for your interest in our work. Because each piece you see here is unique, this website is intended to give an overview of jewelry styles available – specific pieces may have been sold already. If you see a peice you like then drop us an email, it may still be available. Special orders can be made for you based on a design you see here. Minimum order is $100 + shipping and handling. Turn around time can vary greatly depending on whether or not the kind of sea glass or beach stone you desire is sitting on the workbench or still needs to be found on the beach. Thank you for your interest!

Assorted seaglass pendantsWholesale Order Info All wholesale prices are ˝ retail and orders start at $500. To minimize risk all pieces that you purchase which are over $65 wholesale come with an exchange guarantee good for our first year of business. If you are sitting on a piece for over 8 months or so and it hasn’t moved I will exchange that piece for work of comparable value. This gives you incentive to take some risks when purchasing work and allows time for you to get a sense of what will move in your shop. Offer does not apply to earrings. If you are interested in carrying our work we will send you a B&W photocopy of what is currently available. You can select from that. Each piece is unique, but styles can be duplicated if you find something that moves well. This is a small business and the time it takes to fill an order will vary. Thank you for your interest. Please drop us an email or call 415-789-8077 if you have more questions or would like to get started carrying this unique line of jewelry in your shop.

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